COVID-19 restrictions bring on fortuitous career change

When COVID-19 restrictions temporarily closed the swimming school at St John of God Bunbury Hospital, instructor Michelle Patane-Dillon took an opportunity to work within the hospital wards.

30 Jun 2022

St John of God Bunbury Hospital, instructor Michelle Patane-Dillon

It has proved to be a stroke of luck.

Michelle was given the opportunity to work as a patient services assistant (PSA) throughout the hospital and she enjoyed it so much, she decided to stay on.

“I had worked at the hospital for about eight years as a swimming instructor, but when the pool closed due to COVID-19 the hospital offered me a job as a patient services assistant,” she said.

“It wasn’t something that I had ever done before so I didn’t really know what to expect.

“I really love that as a PSA you get to talk to the patients, I am not a nurse but I feel I am someone patients can talk to and make them feel at home.

“While no one ever wants to be at hospital, we can try and make it as comfortable as possible while they are here.”

Michelle encouraged others considering becoming a PSA or interested in trying something different to join the hospital.

“If you are looking for something quite fulfilling that is not a nurse role and you are not afraid of hard work and like working as a team,” she said.


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