Mother and Baby Unit

The Mother and Baby Unit provides perinatal mental health services for new mums to help you develop a secure bond with your baby.

Perinatal and infant mental health is used to describe the psychological wellbeing of mothers and its impact on their quality of bonding with their baby. We encourage partners and families to help mothers and infants through this difficult time. 

Women are more likely to experience anxiety and depression during the perinatal period (pregnancy through to when the child is three years old) than any other time in their lives.

Intervention during this critical period is essential to improve the health of mothers and their ability to nurture their child, and for infants to develop a secure attachment with their mother.

Our perinatal and infant mental health care

The Mother and Baby Unit is a private specialist inpatient mental health service.

Our holistic approach to care addresses your physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs, which are all important aspects of your recovery.

All our programs are delivered by experienced and caring perinatal specialists who take the time to understand your situation and tailor treatment or therapy to your needs.

We offer treatment for the whole spectrum of perinatal mental health issues, including:

  • postnatal depression and/or anxiety – prolonged episodes (lasting two weeks or more) of sadness, irritability or anxiety, after the birth of a baby. It is often associated with loss of interest or enjoyment in social activities or sense of confidence in the parenting role. These episodes respond well to psychological counselling and more severe episodes may need treatment with antidepressants
  • postnatal psychosis – very uncommon but a serious mental health episode following the birth of a baby and often associated with a major impact on day-to-day function. This condition responds well to medication and women generally make a full recovery

Further help

Bupa Mummatters - self assessment website

The Bupa Mummatters - self assessment website can be used to help pregnant women and new mums identify feelings associated with depression and anxiety. It also provides steps you can take to improve your emotional wellbeing as well as support guides and further resources. It was designed with input by our researchers and can be accessed for free online.

Community-based programs 

St John of God Raphael Services also provides access to free, or no out-of-pocket confidential counselling and support for mums, dads and families through the emotional challenges of pregnancy and early parenthood up to your child’s fourth birthday. We also offer counselling and support for parents who are going through prenatal testing and pregnancy loss.

Want to know more? 

Read our blogs from our expert mental health clinicians to find out more about perinatal depression, anxiety and what to expect in our care:

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